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Black and white photo of a logging road



The lumber industry is a serious one, and it demands serious equipment. Difficult terrain and adverse weather are not excuses for failing to get the job done. That is why Vermeer continually looks for design opportunities that will improve workflow and overall performance on the job site.



Vermeer's horizontal grinders offered market-leading specifications. The largest of which is capable of chipping 50" diameter trees. Their problem was mobility. Trailering these large machines into wet, undulating, wooded terrain was not ideal under any circumstances. This lead to the concept of a tracked, self-propelled grinder.

FEA analysis of tracks


As Vermeer worked on the development of their wireless control system, i3's mechanical engineering team began the process of converting an existing trailer setup to one that could accept a track system.

Structural integrity and overall system reliability were crucial to the new grinder configuration being accepted in the market. Today Vermeer offers the tracked system on their HG6000TX and HG8000TX machines.